When life closes,
your most beautiful moments open

Private and truly personal content

We encourage you to record something personal which truly reminds your loved ones of you and really leaves something behind. Your videos will be safely stored in your vault so open up your heart.

You record, we ensure sharing

The ingenuity of our app is that you don’t necessarily have to share life’s most precious moments yourself. We built Open at the Close in a way that it will be done for you, but only when you want it!

Availability guaranteed, post-mortem

Due to our Guardian functionality, your videos will always be available for the people you personally selected as your inner circle. Even when the worst might happen in your life, they will still have access.

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1. For you and your Guardians

Open at the Close is developed as being one of the most unselfish apps on the market. Probably even more than you’ll do it for yourself, you will love using the app for your loved ones. Your Guardians are the people with whom you have built a mutual relationship of trust with and are close to you. People for whom you want to make sure you have saved something that truly reminds them of you.


2. Capture the moment

Open at the Close lets you capture these moments for your guardians in video. Whether it’s up close and personal with the front camera or capturing your environment with the back camera. The auto-send function transfers your video directly to your online vault after 30 seconds. This is where your Guardians get access to your videos.

3. Control your vault

Stored in the cloud, your videos will always be available but only with your strict permission. Your Guardians receive a unique code when they accept their guardianship. This code is the key to your vault, but only unlocks when you want it to. Set a timer in case your reply is inconvenient or personally grant them permission. In the meantime we keep everything safe using best-practice security standards.

App to App OATC

4. App 2 App

Invite your Guardians to download Open at the Close as well and you can directly stay in contact via the app. Your Guardians get notified when you upload a new moment and they can directly request to view your video in the app. The beauty of it all is that in works in both directions, so you can be a messenger as well as Guardian.