Record and auto-send

Simply record your most beautiful moments, directly when you open the app and use the auto-send function to upload them to your online vault right away.

Invite your guardians

Select the people close to you as your guardians, make sure they can always access your videos and stay in close contact via the app 2 app functionality.

Stored in your vault

Your personal secured online place where your videos will be stored and can only be accessed by your guardians when you want them to.

App 2 app

Whether you’re a guardian or a messenger, the app 2 app functionality notifies you when someone uploads a new video or requests access to see the recordings.

Privacy first

Because you trust us with your most precious and often very personal moments, we put privacy first by applying the highest security standards.

Development list

Curious what we’re up to in the nearby future or do you have any features you would like to see developed?

Contact us with your request.