Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have summarized the most frequently asked questions. If by any chance something is missing or you have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us!


Who is behind Open at the Close?

Open at the Close is a joint effort of Bart, Rogier & Robert.

Why is the app called Open at the Close?

Feel free to send Bart an e-mail. You can meet him at Hogwarts for a pint of Butterbeer and he will tell you all about it during a friendly game of Quidditch ūüėČ

What's up with the unselfishness?

We developed Open at the Close from the idea that you want to leave something behind for your loved ones, before it’s too late. Our belief is not to boost your own self-confidence but to truly have an unselfish app.


What are Guardians?

Guardians are the people who are close to you and who you trust with your dearest moment.

Why only a 30 second clip?

We think that when it really counts, 30 seconds will be enough time to record what you want to leave behind for your Guardians. If not, please send us a email with your proposal.

Why only one clip?

With Open at the Close we try to make you think about that one real thing you want to leave behind.

How can I delete a Guardian?

In the app, swipe left in your Guardian view on the Guardian which you like to delete and select “delete”.

Can I share the video via other social media?

Yes, on the bottom left of the recording screen you find the sharing icons, which will give you many sharing options.

Can I change the camera perspective during recording?

Nope, you will have to chose one view position when you start recording.

Data upload

How do I upload a video?

The app will, by default, upload the movie automatically after you either stop recording or after your 30 seconds has expired. You can also choose to disable this feature and upload your moment manually with the button on the bottom right of the recording screen.

Are the videos I upload safely stored?

Absolutely, the communication between your device and our storage is encrypted. We use the largest cloud provider in the world in order to keep your moment safe.

Who can see my video uploads?

Only your guardians can see your uploads, and only when you want them to. They are stored in your online vault, which can only be accessed with the unique key (also available to the public when approved).

Can I upload more then one video?

For now we have restricted the upload to one video. We’re busy developing a time vault function where you can upload more videos and keep a diary.

What does it mean when I approve public?

Then others besides your Guardian can also see your moment. Maybe you have a message for the world to see, or we use you moment to inspire others


How will you use my personal data?

To contact you and to optimize your user experience.

Will you sell my data?

No of course not!

Future development

Can I also upload anything other then videos?

That is something we are thinking about. Feel free to send us your suggestions!

Can I upload more videos for different people?

That will definitely be a feature of the app in the future.